I am sorry.

I apologize for my inability to be a good host to foreigners living in my
country. I am sorry that I could still find time to say my prayers before
rushing to the scene or to the hospital where the wounded were being
treated. I realize now, that I was being insensitive to the cries and tears
of the bereaved family members of the deceased and the injured victims in
the hospital.

I apologize for finding it more important to take pictures, rather than
helping Holcim Indonesia President Timothy David Mackay. Indirectly, or
indirectly, I stand responsible for his death. I am sorry for sharing those
pictures on television amidst giggles.

I am sorry for allowing our children to be brainwashed and trained as
suicide bombers. I apologize for not being vigilant enough toward people
spreading hatred in the name of religion and education.

I also apologize for my unwise remarks, finding scapegoats for the incident,
rather blaming my own incapability in securing my neighborhood. I now
realize that this incident was very carefully planned, and perhaps for
months. I can see a clear pattern connecting this with the hotel siege in
Mumbai some time back.

I am sorry, so very sorry.

by Anand Krishna -

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