December 11th, 2009 


Majalah Business Week
menggelar Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2009 untuk memilih
pengusaha-pengusaha muda kreatif di Asia. Walaupun tak menempati urutan
pertama, sangat membanggakan bahwa Indonesia memiliki kandidat
terbanyak dari 25 orang yang dinominasikan. Indonesia memiliki 9
nominator dan merupakan Negara terbanyak yang masuk dalam nominasi
disamping Negara Asia lainnya Singapura (5 nominator), Hongkong (2
nominator), China (2 nominator), Korea Selatan (2 nominator), Thailand
(2 nominator), India (1 nominator), Jepang (1 nominator), Taiwan (1
nominator) dan Hong Kong (1 nominator).

Apakah dengan demikian berarti ada peningkatan daya saing bangsa
kita di kancah global yang kini kian dekat jarak dan jangkauannya?
Tentu masih banyak parameter yang harus digunakan untuk membuktikan
itu. Tapi indikator macam Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2009 walau
subyektif namun menciptakan pencitraan yang kuat dan penting. Prestasi
ini adalah momen baik untuk menjadi motivasi bagi anak muda Indonesia
lainnya soal menjadi entrepreneur berbekal kreatifitasnya. Sehingga
daya saing mampu menjawab pengelolaan sumber daya alam dan kreatifitas
yang bertebar di pelosok Nusantara ini. Ingat, prestasi bisa diukir di
“ladang” mana saja sepanjang mau. Tak musti jadi pebisnis tapi harus
berjiwa entrepreneur.

Ingin mengetahui siapa saja mereka yang berprestasi dari Indonesia
dalam ajang Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2009? Mereka adalah:

Andina Nabila Irvani


Age: 19

Company: Spotlight

Andina, a student of visual communication design at Bina Nusantara
University, began painting her sister’s canvas shoes just for fun. What
started as a hobby has turned into a potential business. Andina and her
sister Nerissa Arviana, a graduate of the School of Business and
Management at the Bandung Institute of Technology, founded Spotlight
and started to produce painted canvas shoes in larger quantities. To
expand the business, Spotlight decided to make not only painted shoes
but also painted T-shirts and bags. The company has five employees and
its monthly revenue has reached $150 to $200. Andina is in charge of
products and promotion while her sister handles the finances and
product orders.

Wahyu Aditya


Age: 29

Company: HelloMotion School

When Wahyu was 24, he quit his full-time job as an animator to start
his own business, HelloMotion School, which today produces hundreds of
the brightest young talents in Indonesian film and animation. His Hello
festival attracts 300 new works annually, creating jobs and business
opportunities for Indonesia’s ever-growing film and content industries.
Wahyu was a national finalist for the 2006 IYCEY Design Award and
winner of the 2007 IYCEY Design and Screen Award. At 27, he became the
first Indonesian and youngest overall to be crowned the British
Council’s International Young Screen Entrepreneur of the Year. He is
now planning to use his $12,000 grand prize to study the film industry
in London and Bristol.

Goris Mustaqim


Age: 26

Company: PT Resultan Nusantara and ASGAR MUDA Foundation

Goris helps young people turn business ideas into workable plans so
they can determine their own professional journeys. He does so while
merging an entrepreneurial spirit with environmental concerns. In 2006,
Goris founded Asgar Muda, a foundation that empowers youth in his
hometown to become involved in educational and cultural issues, with
the intent of improving the welfare of the local people.

Oscar Lawalata


Age: 32

Company: Oscar Lawalata Culture

Traditional Indonesian textiles, natural dyes, and ethnic cultures
have always been the elements driving Oscar Lawalata to accomplish his
work as a fashion designer and entrepreneur. The fact that nearly all
of his designs are 90% handmade gives him the edge in the segmented
market of the cultural-based fashion business. Last February he won the
British Council’s International Young Creative Entrepreneur (IYCE)
Fashion Award 2009 at London’s Fashion Week.

Aziz Setyawijaya


Age: 19

Company: Nomaden Experimental Artworks

Aziz didn’t even have his own camera when he founded Nomaden
Experimental Artworks in 2008. But as a member of the photography club
at Gadjah Mada University, he was able to borrow a camera from his
friends to get his work done. The success of his business has allowed
it to broaden by producing what he calls a memorial book. In just a few
months, Yogyakarta-based Nomaden has generated $7,000 in revenue.

Malariantika Yulianggi


Age: 19

Company: Shoyu Pia Cake

When Malariantika was in the middle of her research on local foods
such as cassava, she realized its abundance—and the fact that it still
isn’t widely used by Indonesian people. So she started to make Shoyu
Pia cake (shoyu is Japanese for cassava). Nowadays, Anggi, as she likes
to be called, has six employees to meet increasing demand from her

Roihatul Jannah


Age: 30

Company: Helmiat Bonceng Bocah

As the motorcycle is the main means of transportation in Indonesia,
Roihatul’s Helmiat Bonceng Bocah (HBB) came up with a product that
makes it safer for parents to carry their children on a two-wheeled
vehicle. This product is designed especially for child safety. Roihatul
refined her design to produce a carrier that successfully combines
safety and comfort.

Antonius Dian Adhy Feryanto


Age: 30

Company: PT Pavettia Atsiri Indonesia (PAI)

Since Indonesia is rich in nutmeg, patchouli, and citronella oils,
Feryanto figured there was an opportunity to harness them in an ethical
way. This chemical engineer embarked on a steep learning curve to
acquire the expertise necessary to develop a suitable production
process to transform the raw materials into a commercial product. By
2006, Feryanto and his associates established Pavettia Atsiri Indonesia
to produce the essential oils on an industrial scale. Since the
business began trading it has enjoyed considerable success; its
production has increased tenfold and the company has developed a
network of farmers.

Iim Fahima Jachja


Age: 31

Company: Virus Communications

Virus Communications is an online marketing consulting firm founded
in 2006 by Iim Fahima and her husband, Adhitia Sofyan. Today it is
Indonesia’s leading online business consultant, known for its
online-behavior knowledge and technology. In just three years the
company has won big business pitches and handled more than 10 blue chip
clients, including Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Auto 2000, Telkom, XL,
Smart Telco, Lippo Group, Tupperware, and Sosro.

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