Islamic organizations in Tasikmalaya demand Syaria bylaw

The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Mon, 03/29/2010 4:56 PM  |  National

Thousands of people from a number of Islamic organizations grouped at
the Forum of Islamic Community (FUI) rallied at the office of the
Tasikmalaya mayor on Monday, demanding the mayoralty to endorse the
syaria bylaw for the region.

"Our visit here is to fight for the syariah bylaw," rally coordinator
Acep Sofyan was quoted by Antara as saying. "We demand that the
mayoralty immediately implement the bylaw."

The Tasikmalaya legislative council has passed bylaw No. 12/2009 on
development based on Islamic syaria, but the administration is
reluctant to implement it and has not issued any implementing

Representatives of the Muslim groups then met with the secretary of
the Tasikmalaya mayoralty's secretary Tiro Indra Setiadi and a number
of local officials.

During the meeting, they again reiterated their demand for the
mayoralty to implement what the local legislative council had decided
for the people, the syaria bylaw.

They also demand the mayoralty to establish a special law enforcement
agency to implement the syaria bylaw.


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