I am Mrs. Bishop; my husband is Mr M.B.P. Bishop who before his death was a 
private business man and an industrialist in the Ivory Coast republic.
We were married for many years without our own biological child, so we adopted 
a daughter. Until he died we were both Godly minded. My Husband left a huge sum 
of money in a financial company here.
Recently; my medical reports shows that I am suffering of a serious cancer 
problem, attached with the troubles that are being created by my husband’s 
family for me to surrender all properties and bank accounts because I had no 
biological child for their son before his death. Therefore, I merit nothing as 
their local tradition spelled, but I still don’t lose any hope as I believe in 
what God can. Knowing the after effects of cancer, and the HBP sickness that 
added to worsen it, caused by the harsh treatment I received from my husband 
relatives after the death of my husband till date. 
Having known all that; I did not want to take any chances that may be 
regrettable. So I call for your immediate hand in support and assistance to 
transfer the said sum in the bank to your country in your special care and to 
help relocate my adopted daughter to your country for her future and education, 
also enquire for my possible treatment of the cancer in your country for me to 
come over there as soon as the fund is relocated to your station.

I plead you to accept her as your daughter, friend and God child and help in 
her better tomorrow. I will brief you more details upon your reply. Thanks, as 
I anxiously hoping to hearing from you soon.

Mrs. Bishop

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