Hi Nico,

with packages (in admin interface -> packages) you can install third party 
addons. In case somebody want to extend Zammad e. g. for integration with 
some third party software - just a Zammad need to get installed as package.

Currently there are no public packages available right now (will come 

The content of an packages is basically the new source code which is 
plugged into the Zammad framework. There is currently no developer 
documentation available (it's basically rails). So your need to read the 
source right now (all just rails).


Am Montag, 3. Juli 2017 14:25:41 UTC+2 schrieb Nico Ach:
> Hi everyone,
> I saw a section "Pakete"/"packages" in the system settings and I'm just 
> wondering if there's some kind of documentation for writing such 
> packages/addons. Maybe some one can shed some light on this as we are very 
> interested to enhance the functionality on some points.
> Best regards
> Nico

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