I have a Problem again. We defined new "Objects", updated the Database and 
restartet Zammad. When I want to edit a User (In this Case: Add the 
Organisation) and save the changes, this SQL-Error is displayed:

PG::ForeignKeyViolation: ERROR: insert or update on table "histories" 
violates foreign key constraint "fk_rails_b522a94d99" DETAIL: Key 
(history_attribute_id)=(35) is not present in table "history_attributes". : 
INSERT INTO "histories" ("history_type_id", "history_object_id", 
"history_attribute_id", "o_id", "id_to", "value_from", "value_to", 
"created_by_id", "created_at", "updated_at") VALUES ($1, $2, $3, $4, $5, 
$6, $7, $8, $9, $10) RETURNING "id"

A second restart didn't fix this Problem. So, what can I do?

Greetings from Germany,

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