Hello everyone,

I have been very happy when the role based access system appeared - and
still are! Thank you very much.

The only thing I do miss currently is the configuration for 'sharing
organization'. For my use cases this seems to better be integrated into
the role system. The use case being:

I do have several customers inside one organization, each of which opens
tickets, gets replies, may use the web interface to i.e. see all their
tickets. But only some of these persons inside that organization are
managers and are allowed to see all of the tickets.

So I would need a role 'see my tickets' and another role 'see my
organizations tickets'. This might or might not render the organization
setting 'is a sharing organization' unnecessary.

Two possible reasons come to my mind for keeping that separate setting
'sharing organization' as an property of an organization orthogonal to
the roles:
(a) Very simple settings / default settings with just one customer role
are more easy to manage.
(b) More complex settings possible within the future, i.e. binding a
single person to more than one organization might benefit by a flag per
organization. Although it might be better to have roles per tuple of
(user, organization) in that case.

Anyway, as a summary:

I would propose, ask for consideration of the idea to split the role
'customer (sees tickets)' to two roles: One to see personal tickets and
one to see organizational tickets, i.e. 'customer' and 'manager' or
'customer_personal' and 'customer_organizational'.
As an addition: In case the setting per organization should stay, the
second role could be rephrased as: 'customer organizational (sees
tickets according to organizations sharing setting'.

Any feedback more than welcome and thanks for any considaration or
exchange of arguments which might happen.

Best regards


  Florian Roscher                 private: m...@florian-roscher.de
                                   Debian: f...@debian.org
PGP key / ID: 4096R/7FB590A0 (new key, August 2014)
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