zanata-server 3.8.2 is deployed to our public instances:

## Highlights

### Glossary: New Look and On-Line Editing
With this major glossary interface update, users with glossarist permission
not only see the actual terms, but also add the new terms straight on the 

### Project Creation Permission
One of the popular requests was to grant the project creation only the certain 
sets of the users
to prevent spam projects.

Now admin can grant the trustworthy users with project creation right.
Note that existing users in our public servers will still have project creation 
at the moment.

### Project Team Management
Project maintainers can now grant the users they trust to translate or manage 
the translators.

If you know who are good at French, no need to wait for global French 
translation team permission,
go to the tag **People** in project view, click **Add Someone**, 
then you can add them as French translators of your project and start working.

### Search User in Main Search Bar
The main search bar seen on the top of the page can now be used to search users.

## What is New
* [1213630]( - Webhook 
header needs to include cryptographic signature in header for identification
* [1214502]( - RFE: Grant 
project creation permission to certain sets of users
* [1224912]( - Filter "Last 
modified by translators other than <user>"
* [1233524]( - Update 
project search page to include user
* [ZNTA-108]( - Improved glossary 
management: add, edit and delete individual glossary entries

## More About the Release
Release Note for 3.8.2:

Download zanata-server-3.8.2:

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