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  Commit: fbbc7e0a37e7112371af8d56fe96f24f202b2e6b
  Author: Damian Jansen <>
  Date:   2016-06-27 (Mon, 27 Jun 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M docs/
    M pom.xml
    M zanata-model/pom.xml
    M zanata-war/pom.xml
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/adapter/
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/adapter/
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/adapter/
    A zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/adapter/
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/rest/service/
    M zanata-war/src/main/java/org/zanata/util/

  Log Message:
  feat(document): Support Qt TS files (#975)

* Update no admin user warning to refer to system properties (#1186)

* feat(ZNTA-689): Support Qt TS files

* feat(document): Support plurals in Qt ts documents

* feat(document): Allow altering of generated translated filename

Support some other naming conventions, e.g. Qt ts' name_locale.ts form.

* Fix and move in response to review

* Upgrade jericho htmlparser to 3.4

* Fix TSAdapter based on review

Handle an invalid tu when used in warning
Don't assume case of numerus property
Remove some errant logs

* Fix Qt source content for download translated

Cannot use tags in ts content.
Also clean up a few unnecessary lines and output.

* Fix usage of TextUnit usage in generate translated TS file

* Update Okapi version to m29 and remove snapshot repo

* Update snakeyaml, slf4j and icu4j

And exclude slf4j-simple and woodstox from okapi dependencies

* Add release note for Qt ts file feature

* Upload translated ts file to update textflow targets

* Properly support context in TS files

Don't remove coded characters
Content hash is a concatenation of context and content
If context is null, assume empty

* TS translation upload should set items as state translated

Being a structured format, with no concept of fuzzy, uploads
should be considered as translated.

* Workaround issue with numerusforms in first position


* Remove slf4j-simple dependency from war, model okapi-core/tokenization

* Fix incorrect Jericho logger dependency

Jericho HTML Parser seems to incorrectly detect the used Log4j.
Override with static config.

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