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  Author: Sean Flanigan <>
  Date:   2016-07-28 (Thu, 28 Jul 2016)

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  Enable IDE to run Arquillian tests

1. Install WildFly somewhere, eg /path/to/wildfly-10.0.0.Final.
   This is your ${jboss.home}.
2. Copy standalone-arquillian-wildfly.xml to
3. Create a launch profile for desired ITCase class
4. Set VM options:
   -Djboss.home=/path/to/wildfly-10.0.0.Final # Use your ${jboss.home}
   -Darquillian.launch=wildfly # Optional: wildfly container is default
5. IntelliJ IDEA only: make sure working dir is $MODULE_DIR$
6. Run the launch profile.

Not currently working:
- Debugging of the wildfly process

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