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  Commit: 00ab9a3632555f66c83ddb823bfa6e32450f1856
  Author: Earl Floden <>
  Date:   2017-08-02 (Wed, 02 Aug 2017)

  Changed paths:
    A server/zanata-frontend/src/frontend/app/components/TriCheckbox/index.js
    A server/zanata-frontend/src/frontend/app/components/TriCheckbox/index.less
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/frontend/app/components/components.story.js
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/frontend/app/styles/style.less

  Log Message:
  Tristate checkbox frontend component (ZNTA-2116) (#445)

ZNTA-2116 squash merge of PR #445

* feat(ZNTA-2116): Create TriCheckbox component and stories

Including truth table to display each state of the component

* feat(ZNTA-2116): Pass classNames through to component for styling

* test(ZNTA-1865): Test markup of TriCheckbox

Test against all checked && indeterminate combination states

* test(ZNTA-2116)

* feat(ZNTA-2116): Create storybook for tri-checkbox group example

* feat(ZNTA-2216): Complete working tri-checkbox group storybook

* style(ZNTA-2116): Create storybook demonstrating custom styled checkbox

* style(ZNTA-2116): Only apply style to fancy storybook

* fix(ZNTA-2116): extract arrow function from bind

* refactor(ZNTA-2116): Refactor storybook classes, tests, style

* refactor(ZNTA-2116): Moved TriCheckboxGroup to own file

* fix(ZNTA-2116): Passing down onChange actions to wrapper classes

* test(ZNTA-2116): Test click event and rendered element state

* style(ZNTA-2116): Create custom checkbox styles and display in storybook

* style(ZNTA-2116): Import and use variables.less color styles for component

* fix(ZNTA-2116): Pass event to storybook action logger

Enabled default style on checkbox group storybook

* feat(ZNTA-2116): Create checkbox group dropdown component and storybook

* Revert "feat(ZNTA-2116): Create checkbox group dropdown component and 

This reverts commit 642a6ca8267d18e846507760e30a561fdf1872cf.

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