Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 9c75cce9fdf8867da55e3c0cb7b8a10d6cdbea03
  Author: Earl Floden <>
  Date:   2018-04-05 (Thu, 05 Apr 2018)

  Changed paths:
    M server/zanata-frontend/pom.xml
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/.gitignore
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/app/editor/index.html
    R server/zanata-frontend/src/app/editor/messages/en-us.json
    R server/zanata-frontend/src/app/editor/messages/index.js
    R server/zanata-frontend/src/messages/en-us.json
    R server/zanata-frontend/src/messages/en.json
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/messages/ja.json
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/package.json
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/scripts/build.js
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/scripts/extract-messages.js
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/webpack.config.js
    M server/zanata-frontend/src/yarn.lock
    A server/zanata-frontend/zanata.xml

  Log Message:
  feat(ZNTA-2409): Frontend Internationalization Workflow (#730)

* feat(ZNTA-2409): disable react intl message extractor

* fix(ZNTA-2409): include react-intl as dependency

* refactor: remove en-us, use en default.
remove unused messages directory
extract messages script to ignore message descriptions until handled as JSON 
format by Zanata

* refactor: remove react-intl-aggrefate-webpack-plugin

* refactor: remove en-us, en json files, add to git ignore

* refactor: remove defaultMessage from messages json

* feat: remove react-intl-flatten-plugin dependency
use copy-webpack-plugin to minify and copy translation and source (en) files
generate the source (en) file on build

* feat: configure maven push for en.json source messages to Zanata

* feat: activity panel ja message translations

* feat: create react-intl FormattedMessages for TranslationInfoPanel fields

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