Hi !

I'm new on this mailing list, and I have a lot of questions for the team !

   1. I dont't want to flood you with useless questions. I see an activity
   on Github, but the mailing list has no recent archive (
   https://www.redhat.com/archives/zanata-devel/) Where do you communicate ?

   2. I try to use the Docker images (
   https://github.com/zanata/docker-images), but it is not up to date. So I
   built my own image with the 3.8.2 war, and the application starts well. But
   once I try to authenticate myself, I have just a "Login failed" with no
   stack trace... Any idea ?
   (I have a second non blocking issue
   <https://github.com/zanata/docker-images/issues/1>, just with the
   database creation)
   For now I use 3.7.3 and it seems OK.

   3. I would like to use the UTF-8 properties files, But it would be
   really (really) more easy to use them with some APIs instead of the cli...
   How can I help to have this feature ?
   Is there a documentation for properties files, (how to provide a context
   description in my document ?)

Thank you for your answers,
Ludovic Borie.
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