I'm currently working on Russian translation for oVirt. I'm dealing with
Java program localization for the first time, so I need some help.

Here's the problem:
I got a .po files translated locally in Lokalize. In order to test the
translations in the oVirt interface, I have to convert the .pos back to
.properties. The .po files processed by Lokalize have different format than
the .pots generated by prop2po (from Translate Toolkit). Example of
Localize .po and the corresponding .pot created with prop2po can be found
here: http://pastebin.com/62V3SyWV

I tried to merge the .pos using msgmerge but being it a Gettext tool, it
does it all wrong.

So here's my question: which is the right way to merge the gettext .po with
prop2po .pot and get proper Russian .po ready to be cleanly converted back
into .properties? I have 5200 messages ready to be tested in the oVirt
interface by now, but I got stuck here :)

PS: To make it little more clear: I know about Zanata, I downloaded the
.pos from there primarily but I prefer to work locally in Lokalize to keep
my work away from ignorant (sad but true) community translators. When i'm
finished with translating/testing I will upload the .pos to Zanata.

Julia Dronova

С уважением, Дронова Юлия
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