1. You would need to enable DEBUG logging for the category

Unfortunately, the docker image isn't really set up for that sort of
configuration change right now. Also, I think the CONSOLE logger would have
to be changed to pass through DEBUG messages; the file server.log *inside*
the container will receive the DEBUG messages, but this won't show up when
you run "docker logs".

2. It's possible the docker host is the one place you can't connect to[1].
I think runapp.sh uses the default docker networking configuration, so this
might differ between docker versions. You could check by running curl
inside a container.


On 8 June 2017 at 20:29, y...@gmx.de <y...@gmx.de> wrote:

> I currently running 4.1.1 from a Docker installation and I want to play
> with webhooks.
> Mission is to call an webservice running on the host.
> Q1: you can configure arbitrary even misformed URLs as for a webhook ->
> Zanata does not complain about
> an improper URL neither during saving a webhook nor while executing. Is
> there some log (inside the Docker
> container) where I can trace the execution of a webhook?
> Q2: Can you call a webhook URL of a micro service running outside the
> Docker container on the host with the
> default Docker configuration (runapp.sh)?
> Andreas
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