The limitation of "File" project type is disallowing uploading of
translations. The limitation was implemented on purpose due to the issue
with these file format for localisation. The supported project type to
allow upload translations are everything else except for "File" project

If your project uses .properties for translations, the best way is set the
project type to "Properties" and use zanata-cli to upload/download files.
But drag and drop of document will be out of the picture.

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 10:15 PM, Aleksander Rozman <>

> Hi !
> So now I managed to upload the file by setting it to type File (which is
> really weird, because afterwards all types are accepted...)
> I have now the source document there, is there possibility to upload
> translation file too? We have some of translations already provided by our
> customers (or by developers), but with version changes new words come in,
> which are not translated yet...
> I would probably just need the initial translations uploaded, since I
> imagine, that if I create new source document version, translations can be
> copied from previous one, right?
> Also, is there possibility that key could be displayed in translation
> file? Now I just get number there?
> Andy
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