Hello Kyle,

You should not need to deal with Dockerfile directly unless you want to
customize further than what we offer. The docker image you pull down from
dockerhub uses this Dockerfile. It expects a number of environment
variables to be set or it will use default value. e.g. ZANATA_MAIL_HOST
will default to localhost unless you set a value.

runapp.sh just makes setting those values easier. You could write your own
script or command to set all the values. If you used runapp.sh to launch
your container, then you can safely destroy it and recreate a new one. e.g.
docker rm -f zanata. All the data will not lose as they will be persisted
in database (from zanatadb container) and the real data is kept in a docker

Installing Jboss/Wildfly locally means you will have to manage the
standalone.xml configuration manually. If you are familiar with JBoss
management, then you might give it a try (we have jboss cli scripts to help
configuring the server). Otherwise, use the pre-built docker image might be
easier to move forward.

On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 4:11 PM, Kyle <k...@free2.ml> wrote:

> Patrick Huang aliandika:
> # In fact I just checked our Dockerfile, we do support customization of
> the mail host,
> # port, and credential. See https://github.com/zanata/zana
> ta-docker-files/tree/master/zanata-server
> # under Setup Environment.
> Ah thanks. But doesn't this create the container? I know I can export
> environment variables and use runapp.sh to create a container, but does
> this dockerfile allow me to change the container I already created without
> having to destroy it and recreate it? Sorry for the questions ... I'm a bit
> new to Docker. Would it be better to install Zanata and jboss/Wildfly
> locally instead for future tests? I do hope to be able to convert this to a
> production install fairly soon.
> Imetumwa kutoka dunia
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