I'm a new member living in the UK.
I started reading ZG novels about 4 years ago & I've now read all 58 of the Westerns & 2 of the "Ohio River" trilogy.
I expect to read them all again at least once!
I've just returned from a holiday in Arizona, I'm attaching a picture of myself taken at Monument Valley.
Jeremy Tilston
Welcome Jeremy!    I've read all of the westerns, and all of the Ohio River books.  There are 4 books in the Ohio River series, tho.  The last, George Washington, Frontiersman was published after ZG's death, in 1999.   I live in the Ohio River area - Pittsburgh Pa, where much of the action happened in that series. 
I started to read ZG when I was a pre teen, fell in love with the heroes and heroines, started to pattern myself after his heroines then, along with the heroines in Edgar Rice Burroughs books. 
Welcome to the group!   It's not very active here, but perhaps others will jump in.

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