Dear Shenandoah,

as much as enjoyed and agreed with your message, please try to keep the discussion more Zane Grey related.

thanks for understanding,




Shenandoah Amar - m&m <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Speaking of fav books by ZG, I'd like to start a discussion of the group on
other fav authors who were contemporaries of ZG.
I'm a collector of books by certain writers of the same era as ZG.   They
hold the same moral values, their descriptions of landscapes, their soaring
imaginations when exploring space, or underwater, or jungle kingdoms are
uncomparable.  These are classics.

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Jules Verne
Edgar Allen Poe
CS Lewis
HG Wells
Mary Shelley

and so many more that I am forgetting.

Just think of the unknown worlds that they've explored.  Even before space
travel!  Exploring other dimensions.  Other science.   Without these writers
sparking our imaginations, would we have landed on the moon as quickly? 
Would science have gone so far in cloning experiments?

Imagination is a gift.  It's also something that is slowly being lost in
this age of GameBoys, etc.   When was the last time you saw kids out in the
yard playing cowboys and Indians?   Playing Tarzan when playing in the
woods, swinging from monkey vines, climbing trees?   Playing in the kitchen,
stirring mud and water, and spices and flour that you found in mom's
cupboards pretending you were a scientist?   Setting in a cardboard box, and
pretending you were on a rocket ship to Mars?


Get your kids out of the house, away from the tv.  Away from the computer. 
Push them out the door, take them for a walk in the woods and let them
actually PLAY!   Take away the beeping, lit up, noisemaking toys.   Teach
them to use their imagination.

be blessed,   Shenandoah

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