Hi All,

            I first read Zane Grey’s books about Lew Wetzel and the Zane family almost 50 years ago. I too was enthralled by the scenes, but even more so by the plots and characters. I thought that Lew Wetzel and the Zanes were totally fiction until I read the history I was inspired to look into. I also found out that my ancestors (Jacob and Samuel Hess) came to Canada as United Empire Loyalists from the same Pennsylvania/Ohio area, and at least one other had been killed by Indians during the wars of 1760 to 1780.  I am intrigued by the thought that maybe, just maybe, they knew and fought along side Wetzel and the Zanes. I hope to travel there and see what I can find out.


Lindsay Wilcox


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Hi all,

Been awhile since I have seen any postings here. I would love to
have some in depth conversations about Zane Grey's books,
characters, story lines, wonderful abilities to paint a masterpiece
with his words, as vividly as a painter would with paint.

I have travelled to parts of the US since reading some of Zane
Grey's books and instantly recognized scenes I had only seen in my
imagination prior, as provided by Zane Grey's words.

I have changed my attitude towards some folks, as I saw from Zane
Grey's writings how people could be "good" and be seen in the eyes
of the "law" as bad.

What amazes me the most about his writings were the vivid portayal
he made of things I have still not seen. Such as the ice caves and
prehistoric cliffs in Riders of the Purple Sage, and the creatures
described in Wanderer of the Wilderness, the amazing events of the
Western Union novel, etc.

What is so unfortunate is that while Zane Grey inspired many movies,
none that I have seen have even come close to matching the grandness
of his work. ITs like he can describe something more clearly than
filmmakers can reproduce for real.

I feel that my life in enriched by his writings.

Anyone care to pick up this thread and share their thoughts?

Steve Millman


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