Hmmm... That is a toughie; one needs to take party affiliation into concern.
Were she a "Green", I'd say 'No, those are environment enhancers'; "Labour", I'd say 'No, those are safety goggles'; "Socialist", I'd say 'No, those are people peopers'; "Libertarian", I'd say that's the ugliest bow-tie I've ever seen. But she's a "Conservative", and with their penchant for overstating the obvious, I'd say her party probably calls them glasses...
I checked her contact information and it doesn't appear that she wears those, so...
Whatever the affiliation, she sure has made spectacles of herself.
(God, somebody stop me)
Councillor Eileen Kinnear, Harrow on the Hill,  Conservative. Is she wearing glasses or not??

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