I can't say what is preferred... I can only tell you how I do it.
My editing software is Soundforge 5. There's an edit function called "resample" (this changes the "bit rate", I believe). If I resample a track, and then copy & paste it to a blank file, the pitch will change. Changing the bit rate to a higher number slows the track - pitching it down, and changing the rate to a lower number speeds up the track.
It was a lot of trial and error to find this out, and to figure what 'increment' change to use to get me close to the desired pitch. Now that I know how to do it, I use a pitch pipe to lock me in to the tonic chord.
That's it.
On the occasion that any of you guys need to do speed/pitch correction on a show, I was wondering what is the preferred method / software / app for doing it? The CD burning program I use has a digital speed/pitch changing feature on it, but the one time I used it on a disc I made for myself, it added this oddly synthetic sounding digital sheen to the resulting WAV file that wasn't there on the uncorrected original. So, what do you guys use when something needs fixing? Is there a particular app or program you could recommend?

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