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I believe he left with Patrick O'Hearn and Warren Cucurrullo to form Missing Persons, with his wife Dale on Lead vocals...

-Bozzio left early on in the fall '78 rehearsals, I think or, more accurately, before they really even began rehearsing but after FZ had basically already assembled the band / decided who he wanted in the next touring band. The "rumor", if you like, I heard before was Bozzio was probably doing coke at the time and came to early meetings with the other band members wearing a cheesy suit, sunglasses and having a kind of fucked up, snotty attitude towards everyone including Frank, then decided he didn't want to be in the band.

Keep in mind, Warren was in the '79 touring band with Ike, Denny, Arthur, Vinnie, Peter and Tommy, while Bozzio basically quit after the winter '78 tour. Missing Persons didn't form until late '79, after Joe's Garage came out and after Frank had constructed the UMRK in his home.


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