Sometimes I wonder the same thing Glen...
Without actually counting everyone's mail preference, I did a little "representative" math and I figure less than 30% of the List members receive the posts made here. I'll go out on a limb and say that it's most likely the same for KUR (and a good percentage of the posts there are strictly for vine tracking purposes) - tho' their forums are not really an 'email list'. I belong to another, much smaller, group that has a little better than half the members receiving the messages directly...
In all of these, only a small percentage of the members actually respond themselves.
Some folks prefer to lurk, I guess. I know that I check-in at KUR every day, but I only respond when I have something to say - a lurker by default if you will...
I visited a new FZ yahoogroup the other day. There was activity, but not what the membership number would indicate as really "active". I perused a page of messages, and found all of it rather pedestrian - no one really had anything to say. I didn't join.
Let's consider the Zappa forums for a moment. There's a TON of stuff to read there, every Zappafan in the world has thrown in their two cents - but, really, how much of that is discussion worthy. Not much, IMO. So numbers don't always mean much. The content 'says' a lot more.
The folks who post here seem to have more to actually say - the reason that I love this List.
Sorry to have bored anyone...
Music is the BEST!
The KUR site looks like it has good potential but it doesn't seem all that
active,which is a pity as there are some good areas for discussion.
Perhaps I should bring my post about 3/2/77 over to here ?
I like this list but it's the same half a dozen folk posting all the time
and with over 200 members I wonder where the others are ?

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