I also agree with SOFA. I like the mix here though. Another list I'm on allows almost no vine activity whatsoever on list. Strictly just a discussion list with the occasional mention to contact someone off list if interested in a vine offer. There is actually a fair amount of vine activity going on there but it goes much slower without being able to discuses it on list. That said I do come here mostly for the discussion aspect. Zappa's volume of work is so large and varied that there is much to be discussed. Of course if a large bunch receive a vine it can promote the discussion.
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Sent: Monday, September 27, 2004 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: [Zappa-List] SOFA and his lyrical explanations

Hear hear!
Must agree with SOFA where he talks about signal versus noise when it
comes to FZ discussion. At the same time - and I say this in my
capacity of KUR forum moderator - there is a risk in the vine/weed talk
in that it tends to shut down any other discussion about FZ. I've seen
it happen with KUR's forums, and it seems to be happening to the
zappa-list as well. Don't get me wrong, the whole vine/weed scene is
fine and dandy - heck I've had some wonderful stuff sent off to me
through it. Thing is: some deeper discussion is always appreciated and
should not get lost amidst the hunt for boots...

(says the Guy Who Never Posts Anything On The Zappa List ;-)


> Sometimes I wonder the same thing Glen...
> Without actually counting everyone's mail preference, I did a little
> "representative" math and I figure less than 30% of the List members
> receive the posts made here. I'll go out on a limb and say that it's
> most likely the same for KUR (and a good percentage of the posts there
> are strictly for vine tracking purposes) - tho' their forums are not
> really an 'email list'. I belong to another, much smaller, group that
> has a little better than half the members receiving the messages
> directly...
> In all of these, only a small percentage of the members actually
> respond themselves.
> Some folks prefer to lurk, I guess. I know that I check-in at KUR
> every day, but I only respond when I have something to say - a lurker
> by default if you will...
> I visited a new FZ yahoogroup the other day. There was activity, but
> not what the membership number would indicate as really "active". I
> perused a page of messages, and found all of it rather pedestrian - no
> one really had anything to say. I didn't join.
> Let's consider the Zappa forums for a moment. There's a TON of stuff
> to read there, every Zappafan in the world has thrown in their two
> cents - but, really, how much of that is discussion worthy. Not much,
> IMO. So numbers don't always mean much. The content 'says' a lot more.
> The folks who post here seem to have more to actually say - the reason
> that I love this List.
> Sorry to have bored anyone...
> Music is the BEST!

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