i kept both of these in flac format. when i put this on audio, it ran
about 81 minutes. i wa able to overburn onto 1 disc for my self, but
others may prefer this broken down across 2 discs

heres the setlist/info for buffalo, as i recieved it

Frank Zappa
Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, N.Y.
November, 15, 1974
1st gen SBD tape>Soundforge>EAC>CDR>EAC>FLAC >Soundforge>Pitchcorrection>Flac

Part of a batch of tapes obtained from former Zappa road manager Dick Barber.

F Zappa - Gtr,vcls
N M Brock - Sax,flute,vcls
G Duke - Kbds,vcls
R Underwood - Percussion
C Thompson - Drums
T Fowler - Bass
F Zappa - Gtr,vcls
N M Brock - Sax,flute,vcls
G Duke - Kbds,vcls
R Underwood - Percussion
C Thompson - Drums
T Fowler - Bass  

tush tush tush (a token of my extreme)
village of the sun
echidna's 'arf (of you)
don't you ever wash that thing?
penguin in bondage
t'mershi duween
dog breath variations
uncle meat
building a girl
when breaking across 2 discs, 
there is a break in the music here
don't eat the yellow snow
nanook rubs it
st. alphonso's pancake breakfast
father o'blivion
Tush Tush outro
camarillo brillo
more trouble every day  

and the mystery disc? 
it is the early set of a 2 show night at the same venue. circa 1980.
thats all i'm saying, except that heres the lineage:
SB>?>CDR (EAC Secure mode)>wav (CEP, split corrected)>flac (Frontend
with SBE correction)
***except the last 2 tracks, which is SB>?>cassette>wav (CEP, track
splitted)>flac (Frontend with SBE correction)

ok, i have one person who offered to revine this already. that means i
have 2 more copies to give away. i will keep this offer open until
saturday morning to give everyone a fair chance.

just a couple simple (anal??) rules, please: 
       *say hello or something in your request. emails that are only
an addy and a "send 'em here" get deleted
       *turn around time til you reoffer THE ORIGINAL DISCS you
recieved should be no more than 2 days. if you cant commit to that,
please dont request these until you can. you will only be keeping
someone else from the chance to get ahold of these first.
       *do not convert into lossy formats such as mp3 for any reason
other than PERSONAL USE. do not distribute these in anything other
than FLAC or AUDIO
       *you must revine BOTH discs. if you already have the "mystery
disc, just pass this one along. if not, then Bonus!!
        *enjoy the music
lastly, when these discs have reached saturation point, PLEASE ,
whoever is "stuck" with them, REOFFER TO ANOTHER LIST that will enjoy
some FZ. it might be helpful to cut & paste in this offer as well

didnt mean to be anal, hope i didnt come across that way.
all the best
mike ahern

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