Glen Young <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Dave wrote

>   nope. I have bolth TTNS & A Token Of My Extreme -KCET) dvdrs and the
> title screen clearly shows 'Room 707' in green letters

I've just checked my copy and I think it's a question of misinterpretation
without wanting to sound patronising.

With the style of lettering used the ones do look like sevens.....or at
least you could read it that way.

I was actually sent full colour art for both discs a while back and on there
it clearly states Room 101.
To my knowledge (and I do keep a fairly firm eye on the world of
boots),there is no such label as Room 707 but Room 101 has been responsible
for many dvd releases in the past few years.

The need to make the lettering a little less confusing.

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