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Danny ODare <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm definitely interested in this. How do I check, make sure, confirm, etc, that I can all this stuff on my DVD player?? (I presume, ?, that my PC will be able to play it all).

fantasiafreek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Zappa/MOI 14 Hour Video Collection $49.95!   

12 VCD Discs. S&H $7 USA & Canada with DC & Insurance 1st Class Mail.
$10 Worldwide - Airmail. Add $8 for Registered Mail & Insurance.

All the discs have PBC, (play back control). skipp forward/back, rev-
fwd, slow, zoom, repeat, step, program, shuffle, A-B rpt , goto (is
very handy since there are no chapters) all work on the remote.

Check for dvd players Compatibility to play VCD.

#1    The Dub Room Special Pt1 + Duet version - Zappa-Vai Rome 7-10-82
+ Live Solo from ST Etienne France 82. 71:50

#2    The Dub Room Special Pt2 + Dirty Love - Dweezil, Steve Vai, Mike
Keneally, + LA Riots video + Yellow Shark Rehearsals. 75:32 

#3    Uncle Meat Pt1 + Burnt Weenie Sandwich 18min + Dog Breath 71:11 
#4    Uncle Meat Pt2 + 'Colour Me Pop' 1968 BBC 29min - poor picture
but rare UNEDITED version. 78:33
#5    Stockholm, Swedish TV complete 8-21-73  79:15

#6    Paladium 81 Halloween Late show Pt1 + Dweezil-Moon Unit - 'Let's
talk about It' 4min       + I Am The Slime - SNL + 74 Apostrophe Promo

#7    Paladium 81 Halloween Late show Pt2 + Steve Allen show 3-14-63
17min + Peaches en Regalia - orig video with MOI. 65:23min

#8    The True Story Of 200 Motels + 200 Motels Trailer + Zappa with
John Belushi and the SNL band 4.5min + Zappa on Letterman - shows
pictures of Thing Fish 10-31-83 5min. 71:52

#9    "We don't Mess Around" - Circus Krone + Barking Pumpkin's
Warehouse Tour - A.K.A. Gerald Fialka Tour (NOT included on the New
Baby Snakes DVD! 74:43min

#10   A&E Biography 94 + Zappa pics 16sec + G-SpotTornado + You are
what You Is + Dub Room claymation + SNL Peaches en Regalia 4min + Line
animation from 'Amazing Mr Bickford'+ Cal Schenkel's Penis Mobile -
Deleted Scene from 200 Motels. 67:11 

#11   Sleep Dirt Solo - Short and Sweet 2min + Bucse Festival 91 TV
Interview 5min + 91 Prague - 'Reggae Improv In The Key of A' 10:54 +
Bucse Festival 91 'A Taban Szinpada' complete 2 part set, nice jazz
improv 26:44 + Frank comments on dolls 44sec + The Fillmore East June
5, 1971 Zappa-Mothers with John Lennon & Yoko Ono: You Know I love You
Baby, Please Dont Go, King Kong, Scum Bag (during this song Flo &
Eddie put a large bag over Yoko), Au - John's feedback solo 24:04. 69:

#12   Promo 1967 B&W: Suzy Creamcheese + The Bitter End NYC 1967: Son
Of Suzy Creamcheese/In Memoriam, Heironymous Bosch. Frank repeatedly
mouthes the words "Your a Motherfucker" while the band mimed to 'Son
Of Suzy Creamcheese' + Colour Me Pop - London, England 1968: In The
Sky. Frank thanks the BBC for allowing them to performe when USA TV
would not + Zappa talking about apathy in America, "scarfs up the
world and shits on it" + Beat Club - Bremen, Germany 1968 - complete
40min. 51min

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