Howdy Folks!,
after UMO Jazz Orchestra, I laid my sticky fingers on another curiosal disc.
This time it is disc by the band called Omnibus Wind Ensemble "Music by Frank Zappa" 
label Opus 3 Records (from Sweden)
This is Stereo / Multichannel Hybrid SACD and can be played on any standard cd player. 
So this is kinda audiophilac item.
The band itself is from Sweden and consist of over 10 mambers who all play acoustic 
instruments like allsorts woodwinds, brass, and  percussives. No guitar, electrics, 
nor rock drums!
The tracklist:
1. Inca Roads
2. How Could I be Such a fool
3. Revised Music for a low budget orchestra
4. Let's make a water turn black
5. The black page no.2
6. No 7
7. Igor's boogie
8. Be-Bop Tango
9. Alien Orifice
10. Dog Breath Variations
11. Uncle Meat
12. Sinister Footwear, 2nd movement
13. Brown shoes don't make it
14. Peaches en regalia
15. M. Ravel's Bolero

As the lineup indicates this is only acoustic music, sorta classical chamber approach, 
on rather softer and pleasant way of the articulation, without the rocky vamp. 
Some may find it a bit too polished or sweet, too delicate for Zappa likings (unlike 
Ensemble Modern which plays with proper amount of the balls -imo), tho overally it's 
not that weak as it may seems. Anyway it's on the lighter side, although the big part 
of the material itself is rather not lighthearted as you know. My overal impressions 
are rather satisfying, but far from enthusiasm.

And yesterday in Warsaw was a special concert called "An introduction to Zappa", which 
I couldn't make it.
It was played by project band (of Grand Wazoo size,  you know) called Low Budget 
Orchestra - Niskobudżetowa Orkiestra.
It was broadcasted by the national radio 1 and I could hear about 50 minutes of the 
show. They tried to play rather close to the original versions of selected Zappa tunes 
like Blessed Relief, I'm the Slime and Montana (with polish translated lyrics) or 
Peaches, to name a few. The whole show was longer but I don't know what was hapening 
later on.
What I heard was quite alright, tho the vocalist was rather far from Frank's voice 
Unfortunately I haven't recorded it.

That's all for now.

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I agree as well... Even though I would really love some of this stuff.

We have a fantastic group here who, not only trade and swapp discs but also trade memories, ideas, help and advice.
If we're not careful it will end up like some mini E-bay, and the stuff that binds us together will be choked out.

OK... back in the toy box I go....


tread brinkley wrote:

hello, just want to register my STRONG OBJECTION to this attempt at crass
commerce. NICE PEOPLE Trade this stuff, not sell it.
  seeing as how this list is the vortex for a ton of cool vining and other
acts of generosity, the guy trying to cah in should maybe have secodn
thoughts and ply his trade elsewhere.

just my two cents, i have no choice but to respect others's possible
decisions to trade with him.

(i actually would like to have all this stuff on vcd, i currently only have
it in vhs, but have little to trade and no means to convert. still......)

as you were,

graham connah

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> Message: 2 > Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 19:32:42 -0000
> From: "fantasiafreek" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Zappa-Mothers 14 Hour Video Collection $49.95!
> Zappa/MOI 14 Hour Video Collection $49.95!

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