Yes, keep your sales to Ebay...there is another set of this stuff for sale all the time for the same price, or thereabouts.At least it's most of the same stuff i think.I almost bought it before i found yous guys and I am grateful I didn't.( It sure looked nice though) I have seen a few of the vine shows on ebay as well.Don't get me wrong, there is alot of rare stuff i wish I could buy that really have some collectable meaning to them, but this is more fun, sending music that you love to like minded folks (such as your selves) who you really don't even know, so I don't think what we are doing is wrong,and I have always wanted to be a pirate,this is the cleanest way I can think of. :) I actually got caught taping Frank at the Brady Theater(1st show) in Tulsa in 1980.I had a desktop cassette deck(mono)strapped to my chest under my shirt and coat. I opened my shirt when Frank took the stage with Black Napkins or Chunga, I forget. Bald John saw me,sent security, took my deck and my bro in law to the front of the Brady and John appeared took the tape and crushed it in his hand then stepped on it. What a night though!! Two shows then I went to OKC the next day for a show at the Zoo.
Carry on mateys! Arrg!
at first i was totaly put off that this list was allowing the postings
of zappa bootlegs for sale. i so wanted to write a scathing letter,
but had a houseguest last night, and the opportunity never really
presented itself. i mean, thieving fucks like this guy are the reason
that zappa never considered taping of his shows to be a positive
thing: he knew shiftless and shameless people like this asshole would
be ripping him off, directly.
this music is no ones to make a profit from, except the ZFT.
much to my surprise and dismay, when i signed on this morning, there
were several people willing to take him up on the offer to rip off
zappas music, and validate franks point that he was alweays getting
ripped off

of course i am talking about this:

> fantasiafreek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]@ripOff.sleaze> wrote:
> Zappa/MOI 14 Hour Video Collection $49.95!
> Message: 8
>   Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 15:29:38 -0700
>   From: tread brinkley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re:Zappa-Mothers 14 Hour Video Collection $49.95!
as i see no reason to continue advertising this guys post, i'll snip it there..
i was however heartened to see a few posts that echoed my sentiment:

> hello, just want to register my STRONG OBJECTION to this attempt at crass commerce. NICE PEOPLE Trade this stuff, not sell it.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>end snip<<<<<<<<<

i'm sure some nice people hooked this thief up to begin with. too bad
thier love of music was twisted to help line this guys pockets.
then SOFA posted:

> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>snip<<<<<<<<<<
> I concur here...
> Please folks, trading only. Selling of items purchased by you that would be considered 'factory', or professionally produced is one thing. Making your own massed produced copies of said stuff and selling it here is a no-no.  A first offense is merely offensive. A second is grounds for expulsion.
> Thank you for understanding our "vibe".
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>end sofas post<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

and what is the very next post?

> Message: 11
>   Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 23:42:52 -0000
>   From: "fantasiafreek" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]@scumbag.sleaze>
> Subject: Re:Zappa-Mothers 14 Hour Video Collection $49.95!

>  yea I hear ya. I will not repost this sale in the future.
>>>>>edit out some BS, and then goes on<<<<
I know it's a no no to attempt to sell on lists but anyway I have
> 7 of these sets ready to ship ASAP. I did spend a lot of time on some of the edits I did myself and many videos as raw mpeg-1 files had to be re-encoded aprox 6 hours per for every 60 min to convert them to dat VCD format. I use TDK CD-Rs.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>end snip<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

ok, so he sees strong objection as well as a warning from the list
owner (i think? Sofa?) not to do it again, OR HE"S GONE. what is his

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> reply snippet<<<<<<<<
"""" I know it's a no no to attempt to sell on lists but anyway I have
> 7 of these sets ready to ship ASAP """"
>>>>>>>>>>>>>end snip <<<<<<<<

please note the quotation marks.
ok, he said flat out that HE KNOWS its not right, selling boots, BUT
still goes on and trys AGAIN to sell these, saying he has 7 sets ready
to ship out ASAP. .
wow, a half dozen TDK CDR's... $50. what a sweetheart, spreading his
love of the music, giving so generously back to the community with no
thoughts about his own well being.
is this thief still on this list?
people::  PLEASE do not support this sleazebag, or anyone like him.
these things will circulate, in due time, believe it.
also, does  anyone know his name? i'd like to be able to post his name
and any other info to a bunch of other lists that would be friendly to
zappa fans and open to the principles of trading music freely. make
people aware that the music they so freely shared with him, or would
share with him is now being sold on the very lists that this troller
has gotten it from.

and i'm not sorry for the strong descriptives used for this guy. they
are accurate, and a spade is a spade. its people like this asshole
that keep others from sharing, fear that thier generosity will be
abused, afraid thier efforts in sharing beloved music go towards
something they believe strongly against. i know i'll be rethinking my
membership if this shit is considered cool with some

mike ahern

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