I agree it could be a good thing in the long run. It seems ridiculous that here in the twenty-first century voting fraud is so easily possible. Some of the newer computerized voting machines are even less reliable and un-checkable. Some communities have sent back their Debold machines because they don't create any kind of paper trail or backup that would allow a recount. It boggles my mind to think about it. I think it should be set up so that a voter can log onto a website and double check his/her vote and see that it was counted as intended. I guess that would present potential problems with the secrete ballot thing though. There must be some way the system could be redone. Perhaps we could be given a receipt with a long number that would be detached from a corresponding paper ballot or spit out of the machine to anonymously verify our votes with? I would even be willing to give them a few extra days to count the vote if I could just be sure that fraud would be imposable or at least less likely. As the worlds oldest functioning democracy / republic ( or so I'm told ) it's embarrassing that we can't know for sure that an election is honest. After all it's not just the presidential vote. We count on the congress to provide the checks and balances on the president (very important at times) and they are still elected directly by the people.
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Could be rough. Legal challenges re going to be EVERYWHERE! I think it could
be a good thing, though. A heightened awareness of elective procedure would
benefit people. Seen Palast's report on black-vote suppression again in
Florida and Ohio?

Mark, Naderite
> I cannot take the polls seriously. Especially when you look at where
> they are coming from...
> The really fucked up thing about this is we may not really know who
> actually won for a few days to a week. Do not get your hopes up. I
> have a feeling this is going to be worse than 2000. Of course I hope
> not, but this administration will stop at nothing to win, and it won't
> be fairly.
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