Title: Re: [Zappa-List] Re: US elections and Florida - dumb all overagain
But Ralph has never expected to win, so whether he can get anything done is not a deal-breaking matter. He's campaigning to bring attention to issues that he thinks are too important to ignore. He did say in direct response to the question a couple days ago whether he would be effective in office, however hypothetically, that he would be, claiming he's been in D.C. for forty years and knows how to generate support for an issue.
I do not believe Frank would be a Nader man, incidentally.

FZ once said, "If you can't work within the system for change, you're just playing with yourself until the next new face comes along." Our boy Ralph has no ties within a system he's been fucking with for the last 40 years.
Does that comment bring this on topic?

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