Well I don't know all the details yet but the Democratic party is famous for committing voter fraud the old fashioned way. By that I mean registering whole cemeteries full of people to vote and so on. It was reported yesterday that one county had reached 104% voter registration with the vast majority of the newly registered being Democrats. (For anyone not familiar with American voter percentages that's a damn high percentage) My point is that now days when something like this is detected the guilty ones will usually cry voter suppression. I'm not saying the Repub's are innocent ether. I just read this article explaining a dirty trick one or more of them used that could be considered suppression of deadbeat voting.
The whole two party system is corrupt and needs an overhaul in my opinion. Are any of you guy's aware of the Libertarian party? They've been working for years to try to get people into the congress and even more local positions. The idea being that by the time they might actually get a presidential candidate elected he will have some support to get things done. They have of course been fighting a very entrenched two party system the whole way with only minimal success.
They are to the Republicans what Nader is to the Democrats. They are saying their guy (Badnerik) will make the difference in New Mexico giving the win to Kerry. I find most of their positions easier to endorse than ether of the two big parties. To me they take what's best from both and leave out what's wrong with both. Like Nader they don't have a hope in hell in the presidential election of course.
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I read yesterday that the Republican beast-machine in Michigan is engaged in a "voter suppression" operation, seeing how it is a 'swing' state. Obviously, by "suppresion" they mean preventing - by all sorts of foul and diabolical means - Blacks, Hispanics, lefties, Democrats, etc from voting at all. Maybe time to take to the lifeboats or escape pod, with your i-Pod of Zappa music?
I mean, talking about life imitating art - has anybody read Philip Roth's The plot against America and Philip K Dick's The man in the high castle ...?
Eyes staring into the abyss,

Mark Darling <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Noam Chomsky: "What the public wants is called politically unrealistic.
Translated into English that means Power and Privilege are opposed to it."
> I'll admit I am a Nader supporter. I'd like to see America in the hands, or at
> least with a figurehead that is a consumer advocate. I like to think he'd
> continue to expose political and commercial corruption if elected, and I'd
> love
> to see Boosh impeached. Problem is Nader/Camejo's platform seems too
> idealistic to most. The solution is there he'd just need to get the rest on
> board,
> which sadly would probably prove fruitless. I mean superficially, I certainly
> don't make 50 grand a year and I'd appreciate a tax break. I'm on board with
> nearly, if not all Nader has to say. I really wish your statement about voting
> for
> Nader wasn't true, but it probably is.
> "Revolutionaries always spoil corrupt systems"  - indeed.
> -YH

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For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you.

For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you.

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