I have two Flo&Eddie shows - "11/19/76 Cobo Hall, Detroit, Open For
Zappa" and "79-07-16" downloaded from easytree.
If anyone is interested, I'll start a vine. sned me an e-mail off-list.
Here's the info for the shows

Flo & Eddie - 11/19/76 Cobo Hall, Detroit, 
Open For Zappa
Source: 1st Generation analog>DAT>CDR

A Kiss Concert?
It Ain't Me Babe
World's Best Possible Me
Kama Sutra Time
Eddie Are You Kidding?
a) Jumbo Jack
b) The Fleetwood Mac
c) Whole Lotta Crux
d) FDS
Band Intros
Wings Over Detroit
Bernie & The Jets
There's No Business...
Miles Vs. Santana
Peter The Hose
Pop Star Sucker (?)
Keep It Warm
Moving Targets
Do You Like My New Car?
Happy Together
The Complete Score To Tommy

The first time I heard of Flo and Eddie was when
a friend of mine told me that Zappa was going to
be touring with the Turtles. I was sort of shocked.
I mean, Happy Together and It Ain't Me Babe were
going to be the Mothers Of Invention?

I had liked the Turtles, but somehow they didn't
seem like Zappa quality. That tour (Live At The
Fillmore) was great and one of my favorite MOI
incarnations. Well, you can get all the info from

Flo and Eddie came about because of contractual
problems preventing them from using the name
The Turtles or even their real names (Mark Volman
and Howard Kaylan).

They are two very clever guys. Their shows are filled
with topical references and awful puns and innuendos.
They will probably offend some part of your
sensibilities. They are as much as comedy act as a
music act but they are very good at both.

Part of the fun is seeing them as part of an oldies
show with folks like the Grassroots and the
Buckinghams. When The Turtles come on, you watch the
faces of the audience. Shock gives way quickly to

Anyway, this is a radio broadcast from My Father's
Place in Roslyn Long Island New York, where I spent
much of my early years. A converted bowling alley,
with long tables made out of the alley wood, it
hosted all sorts of music, but with a heavy tilt
towards punk and reggae. Or at least those were the
shows we mainly went to.

Not the greatest quality for a radio broadcast and
they bleep out a few things, but a worthy addition
to the SHNers I think.

My notes from spliting the tracks will have to
do as a songlist:
1 - Intro
2 - Let Us Dance
3 - Cheap Concert
4 - You Baby
5 - Bruce Spoof
6 - Nikki Hoi/HippoLimbo
7 - She'd Rather Be With me
8 - ?
9 - ?
10 - Band Inro
11 - Eleanor
12 - Slide Show
13 - Keep It Warm
14 - Kamma Sutra Time
15 - Fleetwood Mac
16 - Village People
17 - Rod Stewart
18 - BeeGees
19 - Happy Together
20 - We Give You Boogie
12 - WLIR upcoming concert announcements

Kind regards

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