Er, can you verify this story? While I utterly smpathise with the sentiments behind this fable, the only to defeat the Bushites/Neo-Cons/Religious Right is with with the 'truth' - ie, rational, empirical, scientific, based obervations and extrapolationns.

Shaun Toole <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 On a recent campaign trip through Wisconsin President Bush visited
the City of
Green Bay. He met with the elders of the Oneida Nation. He
said he had a plan to improve the income of every Native American by
$40,000.00 a year. Details of the plan were not presented despite
frequent requests to do so. President Bush also informed the elders that,
during his career, he supported every Native American issue introduced.

President Bust was adopted as a member of the Oneida Nation and given the
name Walking Eagle.

After the President left, one of the elders was asked the significance of
the name Walking Eagle.

His response---" Bird so full of shit it can't fly "

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