I tend to agree Mike. Perhaps with an exception for nonviolent drug offenders. If it was up to me drugs would be legalized and all the crime would be gone from the drug scene. It would be up to the individual to screw them selves up or not.
I was a little upset to read about how some of our young military folks will probably have their absentee ballots tossed into the trash. It seems that a lot of them got sent out late and wont make it back in to be counted before the deadline.
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Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 6:07 PM
Subject: [Zappa-List] Re: i'm sorry guys....

some snippets of things that are grating on me:

>>> In Colorado too, Democrats are complaining about an attempt to
remove up to 6,000 convicted felons from the electoral roll<<<<

who the fuck wants killers, drug dealers, armed robbers, felons and
scum of all walks to cast thier ballots? that is a right they
forfieted when they commited the crimes for which they were lawfully
convicted. anyone who says thier vote counts equaly as much as someone
who laid thier life on the line in service to this nation is insane,
or, for that matter, that thier vote is equal to any hardworking, law
abiding citizen. it isnt.
we all choose our own paths.
people dont become convicted felons for shoplifting a pack of hot dogs
because they were hungry. they might have killed your mother. should
thier vote weigh the same as yours and mine?

>>>>Don't forget to vote for a more peaceful world tomorrow, dear
American  bretheren<<<<<

i'm sorry,  a vote for Kerry is gonna make all the bad things go away?
lets be real: kerry isnt gonna get france, germany or russia to commit
troops and money to a war he himself has called "wrong" :: i can see
it now:
"hello, president chirac/putin/ chancelor kohl? yes, this is president
elect kerry; can you send your troops and 5 billion dollars to the
wrong war at the wrong time?"

or, out in some shitty god forsaken cave, all kinds of scummery are
not going to say "hooray, kerry wins!! now we can just go home and
raise goats in peace"

hey man, that new bin laden tape is an endorsement for kerry: gee, can
you even begin to guess why?

> >>>Colorado has an item on the ballot this year to apportion their electoral  votes in accordance with the popular vote. It effectively abolishes the EC,  at least in that state, without requiring the dreaded constitutional amendment. Neat, huh?

sorry, that will never clear the supreme court. thomas jefferson et al
wrote the electoral college into the constitution for good reason, so
that the presidency would NOT be determined by the popular vote. think
about it: if it were only the popular vote that mattered, canidates
would only need to campain in 2 or 3 states: new york, california,
florida, and thats that. all the rest of the country wouldnt matter at
all. Rhode Island? fuck them and what they think.... Iowa? bunch of
dirty farmers. go tend the damn fields, you sheep fuckers, have sex
with cows...
this way, each state still gets uinvolved in the process. its a
beautiful thing, even if it is hard to understand. but try.
 heres a couple of better and simple explanations of the process than
i hope to convey in a simple email:

or the dry version

the thing i liked about Frank and what i have heard of his political
views, he thought both parties pretty much sucked, but i always got
the impression that he did some damn well informed bit of information
gathering before he spoke.

as for kerry, he's been my senator for 20+ years, and my leuitenant
govenor before that, and massachusettes aint been prospering on that
assholes watch. i couldnt recomend him at all. that doesnt mean i like
bush. hell, it aint a choice here between jefferson and washington.
....the devil you know, or the devil you dont.... (in my case, i know
them both, and am going w/the lesser of two piles of shit)

the 2 biggest questions that decided it for me were these:

A). who do you think international thugs and terrorists would want to
win this election for American Presidency?
B). why?


mike ahern

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