All of this makes me wish Lee Harvey Oswald had a son....
It's 'Dumb All Over', as FZ would have said and sung on a day like this (in
a way, it might be a good thing for him not to witness the current tragedy
of American politics, after all...).

It's a day of mourning for rational thinking, and a day of celebration for
morons and warmongers.  And Bush bashing (or Bash bushing) is going to reach
unprecedented vehemence over the next 4 years of ordeal that the whole world
has to face having to deal with the President who LEAST deserved to get a
second mandate in the whole American history (or was it Nixon?  well, at
least, Dick resigned before the end of his term!).


(living in Canada and of course deeply affected by what my American friends
do and think).

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