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Thanks to Joseph I now have this great 1st gen SBD vine to pass on along with the very nice SBD mystery disc. Both are flac masters that can be easily converted to wav files. Or burned directly from flac with Burn At Once. I think the newer versions of Nero can do that as well.  
-Wait a minute.. Burn At Once can simply convert copied-from-disc FLAC files into CD-ready .wav files without trouble. I wasn't aware of that at all! Can you give me anything in the way of specifics, I mean.. like what you have to do to perform this operation? I'm kind of new to Burn At Once but I'm very very happy with the results I've had burning discs with it so far. Shit, I've been avoiding FLAC discs just thinking it would be a hassle to convert and re-burn them as regular CD audio discs. Perhaps I've been missing out..
(who is aware that said reoffer has already closed)

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