In a message dated 11/3/04 8:50:42 AM Central Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
>Hello fellow Zappaheads!!
>Received the BBC 3/jazz from hell/GTOs vine from Mr C Haldenby in
>the Isle of Wight and either tomorrow or Tuesday I will be sending
>it off Wayne in Milwaukee, which is some weird place in the United

And I got it too! I'll send it to Roberto (also here in Brazil) on monday,
and from him it'll go to Mark Darling, then Milhouse, then Shannon Ratigan.
-So, this vine is more or less a predetermined list of people, e.g. Mark will send it to me, I'll send it off to Shannon, etc? Just want to make sure I have that right so I send it off to the right person after I recieve it.
(who is missing work due to a dead car battery, and isn't happy about it in the least)

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