Wooow, SOFA - you are The Man!!!
I never have had any idea about such facts.
Big thankyous for such elaborative, informative and fluent letter!
Thanks for your time spent on that - really appreciate it!

Hugs and Cheers

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Okay, here goes (I'd appreciate any corrections to the following info; I'm 
going by memory here).
When FZ and Gail, and baby Moon, moved into their first home in Laurel Canyon - 
the "Log Cabin", previously owned by 'cowboy' movie star Tom Mix - it was in 
effect occupied. Carl Franzoni, Christine Frka, and Miss Lucy & Miss Sandra 
were all illegally "squatting" at the house. Carl lived in what became the 
first Vault, while the girls occupied the bowling alley. They were asked to 
leave, but not forcibly evicted; Frank found them 'interesting' characters. 
Carl moved out first, followed by Lucy and Sandra; Christine was asked to stay 
on as Moon's governess in exchange for her room and board. (Christine is the 
lady peering out of the empty vat on the cover of "Hot Rats".)
Christine ended up as the artistic mentor of the GTO's, but I don't want to get 
ahead of myself...
This little "freak" enclave provided a bit of 'entertainment' at the early MOI 
gigs, dressing 'outrageously', dancing, singing along, exhorting the audience 
to "freak out", etc. In a short time, the female contingent grew to include all 
of the GTO's - at the time, they were known as the Laurel Canyon Ballet Company 
- by attracting some of the groupies from the LA area. Pamela Miller DesBarres 
was one of these (her account of these activities in her book "I'm With the 
Band" is really the best telling of this story; an entertaining read, I highly 
recommend this book - not for Pamela's writing, which stinks, but for her 
reminiscences). Misses Sparky, Mercy, & Christine (not Frka) were also a part 
of the groupie troupe. Misses Sandra and Cinderella were not far behind...
The Zappas had an 'open door' policy with regards to these ladies. They 
provided Gail with company, and domestic assistance, when Frank was away. So 
the GTO's pretty much were a constant feature of the Zappa household for quite 
a while before the recording was ever realized. The girls would swap groupie 
stories, sew original 'freaky' clothing, sip tea, and keep Gail company.
(Side note: the girls received their "Miss" titles from Tiny Tim, another 
early, frequent visitor to the Zappa home.)
At some point in time, Miss Pamela & Miss Sparky got Frank to sit still long 
enough to listen to a couple of their poems. Frank commented that the poems 
might make interesting lyrics for an album. The girls thought that was too cool 
and immediately the ensemble began to work on what was to become the GTO's 
recording "Permanent Damage". In a few weeks, they assembled much/most of their 
material. Frank started to record them, fitting them into his already hectic 
schedule as best he could. Then, Miss Mercy (I think; one of them anyway. 
Remember, I'm going from memory and it's been a couple of years since I read 
the book...) got caught with some heroin; that nearly derailed the project, as 
Mr. "I don't do drugs" Zappa was pretty pissed off. It was a little over a year 
later that Frank calmed down enough to complete the project.
FZ oversaw most of the early work, which was little more than "field" 
recordings of the girls chatting, giggling and reciting their poetry. When the 
project resumed, he turned the reins over to Ian Underwood and it was Ian who 
created most of the instrumentation / arrangements that appear on the 
recording. Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart appear courtesy of Noel Redding, who had one 
of the girls chasing after him - can't remember which.
What I never understood was how Christine Frka's heroin use escaped his notice; 
I mean, he left her in charge of his infant daughter after all... Christine's 
influence on the GTO's is apparent in their dress and make-up. She also 
influenced her then boyfriend Vince to do something similar as a front man for 
his band and the Alice Cooper persona was born. She died of an overdose a few 
years later.
So, forget the record label connection; that is the least bit of continuity 
here. The Girls practically LIVED with the Zappas for a number of years and 
that is why much of the stuff on their album sounds 'familiar' to a Zappa fan.
That's about it...

  Hi Folks,
  In their lirycs-words I can find some similarities with Frank's stories.
  Is it only me? How much beside the record label Frank was involved with it?
  I don't know the story behind that project.
  Any comments?

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