Frank was a Hedonist; whatever feels good, do it. BUT, he did not suffer fools who'd "alter" themselves to the point of losing the creative edge. That was rule number one: don't get so fucked up that you fuck up...
Rule #2: don't do anything that might cause you to be pulled from the band because of the legality of what you did.
Note that both of these rules apply to 'road touring'. He cared not what you did in your free time, as long as you could perform to his standards on his time, and as long as you didn't stand a threat of getting busted for your activities.
So FZ accepted the recreational proclivities of his band members, as long as it posed no direct threat to his livelihood as the guy responsible for the band's activities...
This is what I understand anyway, I could be wrong.
Very nice SOFA. I must admit that I really haven't familiarized myself with FZ's life very much at all though I'm starting to crave a good book or two. One thing that's always interested me about FZ is his anti drug use stance. Obviously a lot of his fans were into recreational drug use of one type or another. Certainly "200 Motels" would be a mind melting experience with a little hallucinogen thrown into the mix. So I've always wondered just what kind of drug usage FZ tolerated from other band members and folks involved with his projects? So much of what he put out seemed to be aimed at people that were into that sort of thing.  

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