Hi there freaks (and normal people as well) !!
I have the following vines/stuff for graps:
Cobo Hall, Detroit 25-Nov-1981 2-cds
Paris 26-Oct-1968 1-cd
Paulley Pavillion 8-7-1971 2-cds
Paris 2-24-79
Also, time to beg and hear my plea. I really want a copy of the "Music is the best: 26 years of conceptual continuty" 8-cd boot set - as my Xmas present to myself (I know that Santa himself/hersel/itself won't bring it, as he is more into AOR). However, I cannot find it on EasyTree and seeing how ShareTheGroove has bit the dust ...
I also wouldn't mind a copy of the "Son of Lost Solos/Return/Grandson ... of lost solos" 3-cd set.
So, if anyone of you gals & gals can help me out and ease my pain, that would be splendid.

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