--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Mark Darling <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have to say that to suggest that Stockhausen or Cage are the "new"
> standards that should somehow replace older, romantic standards, 
> make no sense to me. 
In the old avantgarde days they radically replaced romantic
"subjectivity" with "objectivity". And that actually was intended and
worked as a replacement - then. But viewed from our post-modern view
indeed they "only" *added* something - but something significant and
important to any "standards" that developped during cultural history.
And I'm just critical about (contemporary composed) music that doesn't
reflect that in some way (hey, and Zappa of course DID! :o).
(btw: Lachenmann, maybe not so well-known outside Europe? (a
Nono-student ;o), adds some political background to the mix and
influenced loads of european younger composers, hence I mentioned
> I don't mean by this to detract from the modernists, but their
> accomplishments have not rendered Beethoven, for instance,
I absolutely agree, what can make somebody like Beethoven
"irrelevant"? - don't get me wrong. But composing in his style (or
Meldelssohn's or Mozart's or Saint Saens'...) *today* really is
something different! 

> Incidentally, does anyone know if Stockhausen is an Anthroposophist?
Hmm, I never got that impression. He build his own world it seems with
various religious influences, some mystic & mythological stuff, ideas
about life on outer planets, rebirth etc... what ever. One surely can
say he's an egocentricolosophist. But the term "anthroposophy" never
caught my attention when reading about him or in his books.
(My girl friend spontaneously said: yes, he has something of that - so
maybe he just avoids to define himself somehow, or his personality is
too complex for one such category).


> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > not exactly knowing what "Yikes" means, I first thought Dawayne
> > to say with the posting of the link something like: "this
> > really sucks!" - and when reading the article I thought: "hm,
> > sort of." - not the guy, but the sensational and at the same time
> > pretty non-informative article.
> > 
> > All the surroundings sound like a revival of the spirit of
> > (the "young genius"-thing) and in case the music actually sounds
> > correspondance to this spirit, I'd say: hats off to the completely
> > impressive technical talents of this little genius, but we're in
> > 21st century, and many standards better not to ignore were set by
> > people like Cage, Stockhausen, Lachenmann and many more in the
> > meantime - for good reasons that address to the view of life under
> > political, humanistic and philosophical aspects (burb). Maybe
> > irrelevant to "accuse" a 12-year old of ignoring this, but I just
> > dislike the whole presentation, because all about it is sort of
> > one-sided.
> > 
> > Anyway: I didn't hear a single note of this young guy, but I
> > definitely can say I don't need anymore strictly decorative music
> > the label of "contemporary" classical music!
> > 
> > Greetings, Joerg
> > 
> > P.S.
> > For all of you who like "Girl in the Magnesium dress" ("Yellow
> > Shark"-version) - this is almost pure Pierre Boulez, so maybe he's
> > also worth checking out!
> > 
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