I've never seen (or heard of) this film, but here's an interesting snippet

• When the producers tried to buy the rights of Frank Zappa's "Watermelon in Easter Hay" they were told by Zappa's family that Zappa requested that three of his songs were never played in any media except the album where they appear and that song was one of them. Gail Zappa, Frank's widow, saw the movie when editing was almost completed and agreed to make an exception because she considered that Zappa would be proud of the movie.



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<x-tad-bigger>I just watched this Mexican movie on a family recommendation. It was</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>interesting, but what I did not expect was Watermelon In Easter Hay to be</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger>the song played during the end credits, Joe's version. Anybody know about</x-tad-bigger>
<x-tad-bigger> -I've never seen the movie myself, but the song being in it is kind of "old news" for a segment of the fan population. I think the movie came out in, uh.. 2001, maybe? It was mentioned in and around alt.fan.frank-zappa prob'ly a whole buncha lotta times since then.</x-tad-bigger>
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<x-tad-bigger>So, is the film itself any good? What is it actually about?</x-tad-bigger>
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