Hi fellow freaks!
I have the following item to vine:
Boston 27-04-75 (1-cd)
I still have the following 'unwanted' items to vine:
"Yo Mama" Variation Variations (from TBN) 2-cd
"Wild Love" Variation Variations (from TBN) 2-cd
Cobo Hall Detroit Nov-25-1981 (2-cd)
Also, two recent downloads from EasyTree (coutesy of my mate down the road):
Pittsburgh 6-11-74 (1-cd)
Waterloo 18-11-73 (2-cd)
(yes, I already had this on CD-r - an excellent version at that. However, this version is even better, crisper).
O by the way, if it helps in anyway to dispel the confusion around the "Jazz from Hell" vine, I received it about a month or so ago from Cris in Isle of Wight/UK, and I passed it on to a mysterious chappie named Wayne in Milawuakee/USA. Last I heard of it though!!
Keep on diggin' it!

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