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Pittsburgh 6-11-74 (1-cd)
Waterloo 18-11-73 (2-cd)
(yes, I already had this on CD-r - an excellent version at that. However, this version is even better, crisper).
-How is the overall sound quality of the Pittsburgh '74 show? I have the show on CD-R and the sound is pretty good (although I had to correct the speed/pitch on it.. ran too slow) but perhaps yours is from an earlier tape generation or something? Just curious about how clean sounding your copy is.
I have the Waterloo '73 show on CD-R as well, but I haven't really given it a good listen yet, so I don't know how clean sounding mine is, or would be, compared to yours..
BTW thought I would add that I haven't forgotten I promised you a copy of the "Music is the Best" set.. all 8 discs are copied, I just need to wait until the next time I get paid to mail it and some other things (P.S. Dawayne Bailey, you're still getting the vine copy, too, I haven't forgotten about you, either).

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