Order or shipping confirmation?
I received an order confirmation and it too had a tracking number, which I have been using to check on the order at the zappadotcom. I don't know whether or not this numbers corresponds to any shipping company or method, tho' I highly doubt it does. It seems to be merely a tracking number for the order at Barfko.
As I do not have any plastic, I sent them a personal check (which the phone attendant I spoke to said was just fine). AFA I know, the check has not been cashed. I know that there has always been the funds to cover it, since the order was placed...
I have filled out their "super spiffy complaint form", but have received no response. (I did the same thing when I placed the order, as I had forgotten my password and they seemed to have forgotten it too. But this I found out from the phone attendant; I never received a response to my emailed request for help - "fast and efficient" my ass.)
Hope your order goes better than mine...
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I just got a conformation with a tracking number but it doesn't say what kind of tracking number it is. USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS ect. They did put the charge on my card about that same time. Think it's only been about three weeks sense I ordered.

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