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Okay, the piece of music that supports the chords of, and provides the FZ solo work for, Black Tongue isn't Black Napkins...
I don't think you can deny that Dweezil quotes the opening melody of Black Napkins (at approx 34.9 secs to 45.9 secs) into the song - which is what I believe the poster was referring to.
I'll admit I don't know anything about the evolution of  that project, who plays what, what snippets of Frank's were used, etc., but I certainly know that melody when I hear it - even out of context.
-I've heard the song *once* and I do think you're write about Dweezil quoting that melody.
I'm not positive about this, but I *THINK* the basis of the music in "Black Tongue" comes from the unreleased song "Dragonmaster", which was performed a few times (mainly during soundchecks, I think.. I don't know that they ever played it during a proper set) during the 1988 tour.

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