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Hi All,

Back when MITB was first being circulated a web link was posted to a site
which contained in depth analysis of the various different versions/mixes of
both vinyl and cd of Frank's output.

In particular I remember reading alot of stuff regarding the different mixes
of the Cruisin' stuff.

If anyone has this link or knows the site I'm talking about would you please
forward it either to me or the list please.
-Probably the Zappa Patio, which used to be located at, but has moved. I don't have the current link bookmarked, I'm not sure what the address is.

I've been looking to buy Joe's Garage on cd for ages (I bought it on vinyl
when it first came out),and want to know what the best cd version is.

I seem to remember reading that the original EMI release was best for sound
but I could be wrong,and that the Ryko releases could of been better.
-I don't think there was an EMI Joe's Garage CD. You might be thinking of YAWYI or Sheik  Yerbouti. That said, I think the old Ryko CD version of JG and the '95 are the same. The remastering doesn't render it noticeably different or better than the older versions.

For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

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