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I don't think I follow your questioning, Danny...
The "Joe" series (Corsage, and Domage - what the hell is Corsaga?)
will be 'short' offerings that would not necessarilly 'fit' in a
larger project; at least, this is the way I understand it.
-The "Corsaga" is the unofficial name for the whole series, Corsage and Domage being the installments so far.
Full-sized projects (i.e. The Roxy, Trance-Fusion, Dance Me This, etc.
will be released on Zappa Records, much like OZ and Quadio have been.
-FZ:OZ was released on Vaulternative and I believe QuAUDIO was released by DTS Entertainment without a "Zappa Records" or "Vaulternative" or whatever else logo / label on it, like "Halloween" was. I *think*.

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